Sympathy of Europarks

Sympathies of Europarks in Paris Disneyland-international festival

At the festival Sympathy Europarks you perform your 20-minute program on a luxurious stage with the best lighting and sound equipment and audience from all over the world in the center of Disneyland park in Paris.

It is a great opportunity to visit several European countries at once: Czech Republic, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, etc. Get to know the local culture and attractions

Every group performing styles are WELCOME!

Musicians, Dancers, Folk and Stylized groups, Choirs and Singers, Theater and Artists.


Main venues: Prague, Paris, Disneyland Paris

Festival Programs:


  • 21.05-25.05.24;

  • 19.06-21.06.24;
  • 29.03-02.01.25;



  • Choreography
  • Orchestras, instrumental musicians and bands
  • Choirs and vocal groups
  • Theaters
  • Circus and sports shows
  • Art

Age categories in all categories:

  1. age category 6-9 years
  2. age category 10-12 years
  3. age category 13-15 years
  4. age category 16-19 years
  5. age category 20-25 years
  6. age category more than 25 years
  7. mixed age category

Events of the festival:

  • Festival competition
  • Performing on the main stage of Disneyland Paris
  • The solemn opening of the competition
  • Program of master classes of leading European teachers (on the preliminary Applications)
  • Discos for participants, creative meetings with foreign collectives,
  • Extensive cultural program
  • The solemn ceremony of rewarding participants of festival and Gala-concert
  • A Gala final under the festival’s anthem
  • Handing of memorable gifts
  • VIP meetings for group leaders
  • Interviews and reports for the press, TV, and Internet broadcasts.

Best audio and light equpment. Plus a grateful audience, from many countries of the world

Main Stage of Disneyland

You also perform in Prague central theater

If you book the festival package

Evaluation system:

The jury includes professional artists, art directors, producers, casting managers from Europe, USA, Japan, China, etc.

Participants are awarded with diplomas, cups and crystal vases, as well as medals and letters of thanks.

Special conditions

We present a special grants to participants of our Competiton festivals in Prague (Czechia), Rimini (Italy) which take places all year round.

Grants are from 500 to 5000 Eur.

See a short info about Competition festivals clicking the button below.

Terms of Participation:

Registration fee:

-99 Eur per person

It is paid immediately after submitting the application.It is refundable if the group does not receive confirmation of the performance.

The registration fee is included in the final invoice when combining all services from the implementation of the program ordered from the partner of the festival organizer.

If the services connected with the realization of the program are not ordered from a partner of the festival organizer, there is no right to a refund of the registration fee.


Included in the registration fee:

1.Preparation of performances, as part of the “Sympathy of Europarks” program

2. Preparation of necessary lists, invoicing, information, etc.

3. Administration linked to program implementation.

4. Approval of financing associated with the implementation of the program.

5. Photo and video archives of performances in Disneyland.

6. Accompanying the delegate in Czech for the duration of the festival

7. The registration fee guarantees the use of the Grant for accommodation services offered by festival partners

8. The registration fee guarantees maintenance of prices for partner services, if applications are submitted on time


Free festival packages:

  • 1 person free, with a group of 21 or more people.
  • 2 people free, with a group of 42 or more people.


Festival fee:

75 Eur per person

is paid immediately upon confirmation of the group’s appearance at Disneyland in the “Sympathy of Europarks” program

The festival fee is non-refundable and does not count towards the total price of the program.


Included in the festival fee:

1. Tickets for all participants on the Recipient’s side according to the application to Disneyland Park and Walt Disney Studios.

2. Performance lasting 15-20 minutes on the main stage of Disneyland

3. Presentation of a unique crystal cup and diploma from Disneyland with the name of the team or studio engraved on it

4. “Sympathy of Europarks” medal

5. Cultural performance (each group agrees additionally), possibility of a workshop (must be booked in advance), meeting other festival groups.

6.Flashmob groups in Paris or Disneyland

7. Placed on YouTube


Groups that have received a Grant can use it for services provided by business partners of the Endowment Fund.

The use of these services is not a condition for participation in the program, but it is a condition for the use of the Grant.

The grant does not apply to the Festival and Registration fee.

Prices are indicative and depend on many factors (the exact number of people in the group, date of reservation, date of payment, etc.)

Every team
chooses at its discretion

Cities of accommodation:

Prague, Plzen, Paris, Disneyland


Cities and entertainment complexes to visit:

Prague, Disneyland Paris, Nuremberg, Berlin and the Berlin Tropics


Terms 2024-2025

  • 26.03-28.03.24;
  • 19.06-21.06.24;
  • 29.03-02.01.25;

Participation in the International Festival in Disneyland “Symapthy of Europarks”:

  • Participant in one age category – 40 Eur / in a group of 40 + 2 people / 1 nomination
  • Participant in one age category – 35 Eur / in a group of 21 people / 1 nomination
  • Participant in one age category – 40 Eur / in a group of 10 people / 1 nomination
  • Soloist / duet nominations – 100 Eur
  • Quartet nomination – 140 Eur

Participation in the Best World Dance Group choreographic competition:

  • 20 EUR – 1 nomination for 1 participant (for groups up to 10 people)
  • 15 EUR – 1 nomination for 1 participant (for groups from 10 people)
  • 12 EUR – 1 nomination for 1 participant (for groups of 20 people + 1 free)
  • 10 EUR – 1 nomination for 1 participant (for groups of 40 people + 2 free)
  • 10 EUR – performance and participation in the Gala Concert and awarding for 1 participant
  • 50 EUR – nominations for soloist / duet * – a discount is provided if more than 2 nominations are declared.

Hotels the Czech Republic (Prague, Czech Budejovice, Pilsen, Teplice, Karlovy Vary):

  • Hostel - Hotel 2* 10-35 EUR / person
  • Hotel 3* - 3*plus 20-55 EUR / person
  • 3* plus hotel - 4* 30-85 EUR / person
  • 4* plus hotel - 5 from 65 EUR / person.

Hotels in France (Paris-Disneyland):

  • Hostel - Hotel 2* 25-38 EUR / person
  • Hotel 3* - 3*plus 38-55 EUR / person
  • 3*plus hotel - 4* 59-89 EUR / person

Festival packages

Festival Program Package

a 7 day Program:
Prague, Paris, Disneyland, Nuremberg

Services provided by partners:

A package of accommodation and meals from our partners:

A 7 day Program: Prague, Paris, Disneyland, Nuremberg

Included in package:

• Breakfast – x4, Dinners – x2
• Tour of the center of Prague:
Old Town (Powder Gate, Old Town Square, Astronomical Clock), Charles Bridge – Malostranské Square, Prague Castle.
• Tour of the center of Paris:
Place de la Concorde, Champs Elysees, Arc de Triomphe, Concord, Eiffel Tower, Alexander III Bridge, Place Vendome, Old Bridge, Orsay Museum, Tuileries Palais Royal Gardens, Louvre Museum, City Hall, etc. – the heart of Paris.
•Tour of Montmartre in Paris:
Sacre Coeur Cathedral, artists’ square, Moulin de la Galette with mills, Church of St. Peter,
favorite places of the Impressionists, Moulin Rouge
•Visit to the perfume museum in Paris


Festival transport is agreed upon request


For reservations and price offers from our partners
fill out the application form below:



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