Residents of our jury:

The jury is formed to evaluate the performances. It includes well-known cultural figures of Europe: professional directors, dancers, choreographers, experienced teachers, writers, artists, musicians.

Choreographic jury

Chairman of the choreographic jury

Miroslava Peshikova is a popular artist of the Czech Republic, prima ballerina of the most famous world venues:

the Paris Opera, the Vienna Opera, the Prague National Theater, the Bolshoi Theater of Moscow.

Petr Zuska – Dancer, choreographer, artistic director of the ballet of the National Theater in Prague. From 1990 to 2016, he staged choreographic projects for: Hamburg Ballett, Ballet Augsburg, Semperoper in Dresden, Latvian National Opera in Riga, Mariinsky Theater, Royal Danish Ballet, West Australian Ballet in Perth, Finnish National Ballet, Boston Ballet, etc.

Shimon Kuban is a dancer, choreographer, teacher. In 2012 he founded the dance company “Sandalfon”. The winner of the choreographic contest in Bytom (Poland).

Since 2015, he dances in the ballet “Rusalka” at the National Theater of Prague.

From 2018 is performing in Berlin national opera house.

Katerina Rodionova – Honored Artist of Ukraine. She performed main parts in the Kiev Opera Theater in ballets: Swan Lake, Giselle, The Nutcracker, Romeo and Juliet, Sleeping Beauty.

Today Katerina is the teacher of the Prague Dance Conservatory, the director of the festivals of the International Youth Forum.

Sergei Skalikov – graduated from the Academy of Arts in Moscow. He has many years of experience in the dance field.

In 2002 he started to work in the South Bohemian Theater as a choreographer and choreographer. In 2005 he opened a ballet school in Cheshski Budejovice.

Leon Kvasnitsova danced in the band Uno, later founded her own band IF, and then opened her studio called Dancehouse in Prague.

She has staged choreography for the musicals Excalibur and Galileo, as well as several TV shows (for example, the Czech Republic is looking for SuperStar or the third season of StarDance).

Vocal-instrumental jury

Chairman of the Vocal-Instrumental Jury

Jan Maria Dobrodinsky – Professor of the Choral Conducting Department, composer, conductor of the Academy of Bratislava. Honored conductor of the Bratislava Philharmonic.

He is the recipient of the honorable award of the Minister of Culture of the Czech Republic and Slovakia. The owner of the premium Bedrich Smetana.

David Lukash is a musician, composer, conductor. Head of the Chamber Orchestra of Talić.

In 2011 he became the conductor of the Litomyšl Symphony Orchestra. In 2015, he worked with the Czech Symphony Orchestra in Prague.

David Cody – Director, actor, singer, host of concerts at festivals in Prague, Teplice, in Czech Budejovice.

Yarmila Gadrabova – during her creative career, she collaborated with various musical groups: the orchestra Puellarum Pragensis, Musica Bohemica, Prague Royal Orchestra. With the symphony orchestra of Dvorak, during 2001-2008, she played opera performances at the summer festival in Bad Gersfeld and concerts of baroque music. She successfully taught at music schools in Bystrica near Hostynem, Chlomtse nad Cidlina and in Prague Gostevarje, and also has special techniques developed for adults. In 2018, Yarmila Gadrabova accepted the offer to teach at the International Conservatory in Prague.

Adolf Melihar – acted as a correspondent of the Musical Theater Karlin and Chorus Master of the State Opera. Currently he works as a choirmaster and assistant conductor at the Prague State Opera.

Artistic director of the temple building of Prague-Břevnova and often collaborates with the Prague Chamber Choir, especially in the study of classical operatic works.

Damir Basyrov – He graduated with honors from the Nizhny Novgorod State Conservatory. In 2016 he was awarded a state medal for outstanding contribution to the culture of the Russian Federation.

Laureate of international vocal competitions: Karlovy Vary (Czech Republic), Riga (Latvia), Caltanisetta (Italy).

Jury’s rights and duties:

  • not all awards are awarded;
  • to divide the premiums between performers (except for “Grand Prix”);
  • to award the title of graduate students to the finalists who did not become laureates;
  • award special prizes and prizes to the participants of the competition;
  • the jury’s decision is final and not subject to revision;
  • the selection of the best concert numbers for the final Gala concert is held by the jury.
  • The jury has the right to interrupt the competitive performance of the collective or soloist, which goes beyond the limits of the regulations;

Evaluation system:

  • The diploma and the cup of the owner of the “Grand Prix”,
  • awards and diplomas of the laureate of I, II, III degrees,
  • diplomas of diploma I, II, III degrees,
  • diplomas of the participant.

Duplication of prize places by the result of the competition is allowed

Performances of the contestants are evaluated on a 20-point system:

Participant 01.00-05.9 points

a diploma of the 1st degree 06.00-07.9 points

a diploma of the 2nd degree 08.00-10.9 points

a diploma of the 3rd degree 11.00-12.9 points

Laureate of the I degree 13.00-14.9 points

Laureate of the II degre 15.00-16.9 points

Laureate of the III degre17.00-18.9 points

The owner of the “Grand Prix”19.00-20.0 points