Blossoming Czech Online

May 2-7 2021

At the festival Sympathy Europarks you perform your 20-minute program on a luxurious stage with the best lighting and sound equipment and audience from all over the world in the center of Disneyland park in Paris.

It is a great opportunity to visit several European countries at once: Czech Republic, Germany, France, Holland, Austria, etc. Get to know the local culture and attractions

Every group performing styles are WELCOME!

Musicians, Dancers, Folk and Stylized groups, Choirs and Singers, Theater and Artists.

Best World Dance Group

international dance championship

BWDG is one of the most famous competitions that has principles of fair play.

With 18 competition disciplines, all age categories and dance skill levels.

An independent professional jury composed of important personalities of the dance world.

Own grant system of rewards, which gives the opportunity to grow as a personality and dancer. With the possibility to win a dance TOUR to Disneyland.

Bonus system for coaches, choreographers and team leaders.

Dance workshops, camps and foreign guests.

Professional technical equipment

FREE photos and videos – no media fee!

All amateur and professional children’s, youth and adult dance and majorette ensembles, aerobics and fitness teams and other school facilities can take part in the BWDG competition

World of Youth

International Festival on Cruise Ships

At the festival World of Youth you perform on a luxurious stage with the best lighting and sound equipment and audience from all over the world. A competition is judged by the professional performers of the ship.

Visit amazing places. The most famouse cities and venues in the world. Every day during the cruise participants come to new city or even country. Depending on cruise route it is possible to see up to 5-7 different countries!

So many attractions in one place.
Luxury restaurants with 4 course diners, spa and fittnes centers, swimming pools and slides, cinemas, theaters, bowling, casino and much more.